M  A  R  T  I  N      G  E  V  E  R  S
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Authentisize’ (a verb) is a call for action towards introspection. Without introspection and the resulting insights and subsequent acknowledgement of who we truly are, we cannot live our nature, individually - and following that - as a harmonious and coherent society. This truth is encapsulated in the following .. -

Your authenticity is exclusive to you alone!

True aloneness is an act of love

that spontaneously shares itself”.

At the heart of this quote lies the understanding that a harmonious and nurturing society is only established and understood by individuals who live their lives as true and authentic beings, in other words, living from the heart, naturally!

(This principle is related to the concept of ‘Ubuntu’)

“Who am I?” - is a question that so many of us ask ourselves, and rightly so! It heeds the call of the ancient oracle of Delphi to “Know thyself!” and underpins the core endeavor of this quest or journey. It is a quest into the depths of our being, - our natural, true and authentic Self. Knowing ourselves then becomes a platform from which we live our lives, - with the highest expression of our true nature and showing up, fully engaged, in the various roles and duties that form part of our daily living. This is, paradoxically, - as I know myself I will also know the other - also the foundation through which unity/harmony/community is built. 

“Who do I think I am?” or put differently “Who do you think you are?” - is another question which we often hear, especially as  a mechanism of defense or confrontation - often to denigrate rather than to hear the truth - comes from a place of separation. Separation caused by our ego driven thinking that is based on our adopted personalities and traits as we either aim to stand out above the rest, to be better than the rest or to view ourselves as victims and less capable or worthy than everyone else. In this way we live our various roles competing for validation and exclusiveness, very often at the expense of those around us too.

“Who do I think I am?” is a question that can be addressed in two ways - analogous to a swinging pendulum.

  1. i)with an attitude of superiority, - entitlement and self-righteousness.

  2. ii) with an attitude of victimhood, subservience and self-sacrifice.

Simply put, the difference between these two questions is :-

  1. i)“who am I?” - leads to a ‘knowing’ of who I am truly being.

  2. ii) “who do I think I am?” perpetuates pretense and uncertainty about who I am.

The outcomes of these two questions are mutually exclusive and present us with a choice. A simple way to explain is this:

    ‘Think who we are’  and endure a compromised and stressful struggle through                 life in a perpetual mode of separateness that fosters fear, shame, judgement and competition.

    ‘Knowing who we are’ enables us to embrace life fully, in our wholeness, free from fear, critique or reprimand, in reverence to divine creation, in all its glory and abundance with love and gratitude.

My continued quest to explore the multi-faceted layers of life and to live my true nature, as an integral part of it, inspires me to share my experiences and to be a catalyst - using acquired life-changing and empowering tools - in your quest and journey to living your true nature.

My call is to Authentisize!

Discard the old adopted cloak

and wear the naked truth to rise and shine!

For further info. - contact me on https://authentisize.wordpress.com

I invite you to share an adventure with me, a journey into the mysteries of who we are and how to live our lives, fully engaged, with love, joy and gratitude.

On this journey you will discover that ‘you’ are the one that carries the keys that will unlock the mysteries entrusted in you to live your life powerfully and at peace.